This Is Me

I allowed society to call me #bipolar.

I allowed it so much I even titled my 2nd book of poetry Welcome To My Bipolar Mind is geared towards anyone dealing with anxiety and/or depression and offers hope for a better tomorrow. But you see, as I learned and believe in my heart I was only diagnosed bipolar to be prescribed at 41.

I took the medicine the dr gave me for six months and as I’ve said on several podcast and tv interviews the medicine made me lose my smile. Not physically, I think I have a great smile, metaphorically 😊.

If we as a society continue to listen to the opinions and judgments of others we drown out who we really are and who we are meant to be.

Through my #separation, while preparing for #divorce again, through #anxiety, through #depression, through #parentalienation, through life. I learned about me. Took myself on over 100 dates last year, learned how to stay away from alcohol, drugs, antidepressants and toxic people as well as toxic environments and became an even better poet. Yes I am a poet in case you didn’t know it 💁🏻‍♀️

This is me, sipping non-alcoholic wine and smoking #hemp not #marijuana.

I was told not to post this photo.

I was told “I wouldn’t post that”

But you see, that person isn’t me, nor I them.

We must fight for what we believe is right and whatever that looks like, even if you do it standing alone. We have got to stand for something or several things, or we fall for anything.

My kids are watching me. I would much rather them see me post about non-alcoholic drinks and saying no to drugs verse the opposite, as they have seen in the past. When I know better, I do better.

I became a better human and my most important role in life, a better mother.

My hope is that you find my poetry whether it is on social media, in my books found on amazon, at an event or on my website to be entertaining, hopeful and learn to have your own fun without coming undone and be the best you you can be. If I can do this? And you want to? You can too!

I am better now than I ever was and to the people who are no longer a part of my life and choose to try to bring me down?  The God I serve is stronger than the devilish games you play.

  • Are you tired of the opinions and judgments of other people?
  • Do you lack the confidence to pull something off?
  • Are you ready for change?
  • Are you ready to move forward?
  • Maybe you’d like to write your story so other people can learn from your mistakes so they don’t make the same ones you did?

If you are ready click on the link below to find out how you too can be held accountable, have personal growth and Let Your Light Shine.


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