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The stats tells us 80% of human beings have at least one books in us.

I believe in you and want to help you make an impact on the world.

Do you believe you have a book in you?

Are you ready to drown out the naysayers by making an impact on your own life and rewrite a new beginning? 🦋

The most expensive real estate in the world is the graveyard 🤦🏻‍♀️

People take their stories, their hopes and their dreams with them to their grave and choose NOT to use their voice to tell the story they were meant to tell to help others evolve.

Does the previous statement resemble you, and if it does what are you going to do about it? 📝

When I self published my 1st book the feeling that I had was indescribable. To describe it mildly, I promise you it is one hell of an adrenaline rush. I consider self publishing my book a huge accomplishment in my life. I enjoyed the feeling so much I self published a 2nd book as well. Links to my self published books on Amazon and

Make your mark in history and tell the story only you can tell and publish that book that I know is in you.

I wish I had the steps to take it took to publish my 1st book. It would have saved me so much time, money and sanity.

✅ P – pause for a moment
✅ R – reflect briefly if you are ready to tell your story that may be someone’s survival guide
✅ M – move from your current situation because where you are is not your final destination
✅ F – forward is always the best direction

97% of people who say they should write a book never do. I am happy to say I used my voice and am part of the 3% that did.

Do you want to learn how to publish your book and make an impact not only in your life, but in someone else’s too?

Pause and reflect on this for just a moment :

📝 How did you move forward with adversity in your life?

📝 Do you believe your story is worth sharing?

📝 Have people mentioned to you before “You should write a book”?

📝 What situation have you overcome?

We all have at least one story in us that has made us become the people we are today.

People learn by reading about others having the courage to share what they have learned as human beings to help us grow and evolve.

With guidance and willingness to learn how to accomplish publishing your 1st book can and will make an impact not only on your tomorrow, but someone else’s too.

🚨Interested in learning how?

Below I have listed a few strategies along with a touch of personal development.

🧠 For now, I’d like you to think about that one story that is inside of you that you know if given the opportunity to you share that story you know it will help someone else and it just may be someone else’s survival guide.

🧐 Some stories we tell, some we don’t tell. Typically the ones we don’t share are often the ones that we MUST in order to evolve, but due to family, friends, and/or society’s opinions and judgments of us we don’t for one reason or another. Newsflash = Sharing? Is caring.

💥 Now is your chance to make an impact on the the world and publish your story.

📝 Strategy tip #1 – write down a date you’d like your book to be published by AND put it on your calendar. This will help you and me hold you accountable.

🔥 Let’s start planning the strategy you need to have in order to self publish your story.

Don’t ever underestimate the impact that you may have on someone else’s life!

Self publishing strategy tip #2 :

📝 Do not take advice on how to publish a book from someone who has never self published a book before.

⚠️ All too often we listen and depend on our friends and family to help us navigate through life. Their thoughts and feelings matter to us because they have been there for us in the past. But they can’t necessarily take you to where it is you want/need to go next on your journey.

🔥 Bonus personal growth tip :

Please be aware your friends and families opinions and judgments of what you should and should not do are NOT FACTS!

💁🏻‍♀️ The great thing about life is you get to decide what you want to do and write your own story.

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