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PRMF, where Pause Reflect Move Forward resides, A haven of cleanliness, where excellence presides. Holly Oldham, the owner with a vision so bright, An entrepreneur’s spirit, glowing with might.

From a stay-at-home mom to a published author’s grace, With four children and a home as her solace, Efficiency and TLC woven in their DNA, Multitasking, without being led astray

Established in January 2021, in Hobe Sound’s embrace, PRMF Luxury Cleaning Service, a name leaving a trace, aerial cleanings, reaching heights above, Attention to detail, an expression of love.

Using eco-friendly products, gentle and green, Delivering impeccable service, like a dream. Confidentiality, a trusted bond they uphold, Efficiency their hallmark, a story yet untold.

But Holly’s passion extends beyond cleaning’s realm, A beach cleanup volunteer, her heart at the helm. For her, it’s not just a job, it’s a calling, you see, To clean the shores, with no pay but glee.

Pause Reflect Move Forward, a journey that thrives, Merchandise, poetry books, where her voice arrives. In articles, radio shows, podcasts, and more, Her voice echoes, touching hearts to the core.

A beacon of strength, speaking on abuse and pain, Mental health and parental alienation, her terrain. Holly’s influence spreads far and wide, A social media force, with passion as her guide.

So, when you choose PRMF Luxury Cleaning Service, rest assured, Your home or office, meticulously secured. With a smile on their face, they’ll clean with care, For PRMF Luxury Cleaning Service embodies excellence, beyond compare.

Holly Oldham

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