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I Grew

In the past I wasnā€™t my best self I recognize that now Even though at the time I thought I was I did the best I could with what I knew I was blind And did not see How much I had lost me Now that I am found I spend quite a bit of […]


I used to think thinking, even overthinking, something was wrong with meĀ  Iā€™ve learnedĀ  By me thinking?Ā  I donā€™t judgeĀ  Other peopleā€™s judgments and/or opinions of me have something more to do with them and not meĀ  This is freedom to meĀ  #PauseReflectMoveForward    

All I Did Was Believe

I changed my negative thinking Into positive It is easier to think negatively about a negative situation The challenge is thinking positive in a negative situation I changed my stinkinā€™ thinkinā€™ To positivity and gratefulness I believed the impossible He showed me the possible The concept is simple The process? Challenging To say the very […]