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The more I said, wrote, thumbtyped, Pause Reflect Move Forward the more I moved forward without the opinions and judgments of others and have learned to live my best life. I challenge you today when you come across a situation or a decision you have been on the fence about to say those four simple […]


I used to think thinking, even overthinking, something was wrong with me  I’ve learned  By me thinking?  I don’t judge  Other people’s judgments and/or opinions of me have something more to do with them and not me  This is freedom to me  #PauseReflectMoveForward    

This Is Me

I allowed society to call me #bipolar. I allowed it so much I even titled my 2nd book of poetry Welcome To My Bipolar Mind https://amzn.to/2PJtjpYwhich is geared towards anyone dealing with anxiety and/or depression and offers hope for a better tomorrow. But you see, as I learned and believe in my heart I was […]


I hate feeling low In those times I want to know which way to go When will I know? A mystery to me That I’d like to solve Before I dissolve I really do want to evolve To resolve All my questions Left unanswered And my thoughts Clarified I don’t care Nor do I dare […]