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I call her Christmas She reminds me of when I was eighteen and in what I thought was love, with a narcissist He was so nice He was so handsome He was so sweet We would drop to his feet If that is where he would want us to eat Anything to make him happy […]


I‚Äôve known misery And it loves company I paused and reflected on my life About the things that have been done to me I learned so many lessons I now call them blessons Happiness is a choice Which is why I choose to use my voice You are reading this today Because I could no […]


Don‚Äôt think I don‚Äôt notice¬† The haters¬† The manipulators¬† I see them¬† I feel their energy¬† I am aware¬† I offer them empathy¬† They come¬† They go¬† While I grow¬† Absence? Either creates more love¬† Or teaches us grace¬† Be aware of your place¬† Never chase¬† Allow¬† Now?¬† Is better than the past¬† It wasn‚Äôt […]