After the Fall, You can Rise Again

I met a woman in the store this morning. She asked me if evaporated milk would be good for homeless people she was buying for for the holidays.

I was looking at organic coconut flakes on the shelf. I felt the need to get out of my home this morning and out of my head so I went for a bike ride. All my kids are supposed to be with me next week for the holiday and I wanted to make something a little different for them. 

I told her “no”. I explained, I know what it’s like to live homeless for over a year after leaving a toxic relationship in order to be proud of myself when I reflected on my life as I aged.

I went on to tell her, I traveled with three things, my ninja, a boiled egg maker and a coffee pot. I chose those three things when I left because those things not only make me happy, they help me be better tomorrow. I didn’t have a use for evaporated milk, nor anything of my own to properly make something with it. She said she’d been fortunate in her life to never experience anything like that before and thanked me for informing her.

I’ve since reclaimed an investment property that I learned was empty after being homeless. I have general appliances, but no pots, pans, storage containers, cookie sheets, muffin pans you know like most American homes have. I do have a crockpot and a casserole dish. I entered a chili cook off competition (which I believe I will win) at church this upcoming Sunday and I’ll be using these two things to make it. I received these two items from a storage unit that was saved for me with a few things that I was deemed worthy of. I am grateful. I am well aware my current situation is not my final destination. Somehow someway I know God will provide a way for me to prepare a meal for my family on Thanksgiving Day.

In the midst of the hatefulness I’ve experienced in life, I’ve found gratefulness.

Last weekend all four of my kids were supposed to come visit me as it was the 13th year without my mother or their grandmother. My two older children came, my younger two decided not to show for one reason or another. 

I found a way to make one of my kids favorite cookies. I bought a family size caesar salad mix and grilled chicken strips which was our dinner. The picture below is what I used to make my cookies.

After the conversation with the lady on my bike ride home, I realized I’d been the fortunate one. I’ve experienced things most people haven’t in life because of the courage to be believe in myself and my faith in God to help see me through.

I do my best to celebrate my wins no matter how big or how small. I’ve learned after the fall? You can rise again.

As always make today great and remember to Pause Reflect Move Forward 🙏🏻💫🦋


2 thoughts on “After the Fall, You can Rise Again

  1. Luis Rivera

    I don’t know you at 100% as a person…but I can feel free to say that you’re an amazing woman with the biggest potential to be and achieve all your dreams… you have the biggest ❤️ and I appreciate every word from you that keeps me always positive no matter how bad my day might be, I used to get frustrated and turning the most sunshine days into grey dark one for the smallest reason, now when I found my self in a uncomfortable situation I just pause reflect and move forward….. thanks….p.s. I’m glad you and your daughter’s had such a great time


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