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I call her Christmas She reminds me of when I was eighteen and in what I thought was love, with a narcissist He was so nice He was so handsome He was so sweet We would drop to his feet If that is where he would want us to eat Anything to make him happy […]


The more I said, wrote, thumbtyped, Pause Reflect Move Forward the more I moved forward without the opinions and judgments of others and have learned to live my best life. I challenge you today when you come across a situation or a decision you have been on the fence about to say those four simple […]

Writing Near Daddy

1/10/19 I write differently now Calmer More at peace I release The evil thoughts The bad energy And only accept the good I used to let so many things get to me I’m learning patiently That the drama The sleepless nights Over things that weren’t quite right The sun shining on his face The piano […]