Will I?


Will I?

Last night I was the youngest one there
I didn’t care
I was on a mission
To cure my condition
Of love gone wrong
Hoping for it to go right
And help me sleep at night
My 30 day journey is almost over
Will it be enough?
Will this help me be tough?
It has helped me be better
I’m comfortable on a microphone
I believe I have shown
That to myself
Now to create my wealth
This book?
It took
So much
Totally worth it
From the day that I birthed it
Who knew I could have accomplished it?
Me that’s who
Others had no clue
I will accomplish my dreams
And if it seems
I’m a bit crazy
And you thought I would become lazy
You thought wrong
My circle you do not belong
So take your gong
And go somewhere else
My heart has dealt
With some fucked up shit
And I am not to be messed with
Now let me focus on what’s next
Will I ever be able to move forward from my ex?

Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF



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