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The more I said, wrote, thumbtyped, Pause Reflect Move Forward the more I moved forward without the opinions and judgments of others and have learned to live my best life. I challenge you today when you come across a situation or a decision you have been on the fence about to say those four simple […]


I used to think thinking, even overthinking, something was wrong with me  I’ve learned  By me thinking?  I don’t judge  Other people’s judgments and/or opinions of me have something more to do with them and not me  This is freedom to me  #PauseReflectMoveForward    

Will I?

Will I? Last night I was the youngest one there I didn’t care I was on a mission To cure my condition Of love gone wrong Hoping for it to go right And help me sleep at night My 30 day journey is almost over Will it be enough? Will this help me be tough? […]


Left I was the oldest woman who was on stage last night and the night before and the night before that I had the shortest hair I arrived on my own I love being on that microphone I had the pleasure of meeting several new people It felt like home Being there all alone I’ve […]


Burst I’m not gay Maybe there was this one time I can tell why men and women alike want what I have But you see this bald pussy is not up for grabs My name ain’t Lucy But you bet your sweet ass this pussy is juicy Why is it bald you ask? Because it […]

Egg Shells

Are you being someone you aren’t for someone else? Keeping your voice quite when you know you want to say something? Walking on eggshells? Keeping the peace? While all the while you just want to release? What’s inside of you? Tired of holding your tongue? Looking back on how you were once young and full […]