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Rubber Band

It’s is almost as if I had a rubber band wrapped around me and when he was mad he would pull it and let go As I swallow my pride I had to admit I enjoyed the pain Or at least the attention I received from it I tried everything to get his attention That […]

Mental Wealth

Do you know what that is? Ever heard of it? Do you wish you had it? You have to look around you And in the mirror Ask yourself questions That only you can answer So you can see yourself clearer For example, Are you living in an environment that is helping you grow or not? […]


Do you think too much? Do you think too little? When you do think are you lost in reverie? Thoughts of hopes and dreams? Or thinking what is shouldn’t be? For those of us that constantly think the worst And of the future not being so bright And even of the past We have to […]

Your Journey

Thank you Barbara Nielsen for your contribution to this poem “Two steps forward, three steps back” Your Journey Didn’t look like what you thought it would does it? Two steps forward Three steps back? We have all been there Nice to know isn’t it? That we aren’t the only ones We have all worn our […]


It will help you through life Even when things may not be quite right Look in the mirror and you’ll see All that you are able to be Breathe Allow yourself to receive Your life? Is not make believe It is what you make it Turn off the TV Don’t compare yourself to others If […]


What are you enthusiastic about? Your faith? Your family? Your life? Your passion? Have you thought about this recently? What gets you excited? If the answer is “I don’t know” Don’t you think it is time you should? Living in misery is no good What would you do if you could? Think about it for […]