Do you think too much?
Do you think too little?
When you do think are you lost in reverie?
Thoughts of hopes and dreams?
Or thinking what is shouldn’t be?
For those of us that constantly think the worst
And of the future not being so bright
And even of the past
We have to stand guard
At the entrance of our mind
And remind ourselves not this time
The enemy?
Which is usually ourselves
Will do it’s best to try to get in
Don’t let-’em
When we do
We spend too much time pausing
Too much time reflecting
Then comes the neglecting
Not taking care or yourSELF
Won’t help anyone else
We can’t give from an empty cup
Fill yourSELF up
With faith
These things will help you go the distance
However far that may be
You deserve it
Whatever it is that is inside of you
Is dying to come out
Don’t fill your head with doubt
Come out
Of our shell
You know you have quite the story to tell
So what if you fell!
We all have
Get back up stronger
I know you can handle what ever it is your going through a little bit longer
Don’t linger on your past
Or even what you thought would last
And hasn’t
Maybe enter a pageant
To see who is able to endure
Find your own cure
No one knows your body like you
Don’t you think you owe it to you?
Think of the possibility
You’ll never know unless you try
What if you move forward and it’s not right?
Stand and fight
For what you believe in
Next time you get lost in thought

29 of 30 in the series



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