Your Journey


Thank you Barbara Nielsen for your contribution to this poem
“Two steps forward, three steps back”

Your Journey

Didn’t look like what you thought it would does it?
Two steps forward
Three steps back?
We have all been there
Nice to know isn’t it?
That we aren’t the only ones
We have all worn our hair in a bun
If you haven’t please go with the pun
Let your hair down
Act like a clown
Your allowed
Give yourself permission
To live a little would ya?
What would you do if you could?
What’s stopping you?
You know
It’s you
Whatever it is you are going through
Keep going
You don’t have to know everything
To move forward
You’ll figure it out along the way
Will you have to pay?
The answer is yes
Wouldn’t it be better that waiting?
Isn’t always enough
He wants you to leap
Get away from the creep
Who is holding you back
Your boss, your lover, or your friends
This is your journey
You are in charge of how your story ends

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