Mental Wealth


Do you know what that is?
Ever heard of it?
Do you wish you had it?
You have to look around you
And in the mirror
Ask yourself questions
That only you can answer
So you can see yourself clearer
For example,
Are you living in an environment that is helping you grow or not?
Are you working in an environment that you dread to go to everyday?
Are you happy?
Do you even know what that looks like?
What can you do right now to change it?
Don’t you think it’s time to know and do something about it?
You are worth it!
There are people in your life that care
Whether you believe it or not
Everything is really ok
It is just your thoughts about it
Somehow you just got caught
Get caught!
In the idea of being happy
Surrounding yourself with people that love you
Not the people who don’t understand you
They aren’t for you
They were there at one point of your life to teach you a lesson
And you?
You are the one that is stresson
I have a confession
I was once there too
I’ve learned my lesson
I will no longer be a Dresson stresson
My mental health?
Is my wealth
I have achieved mental wealth

30 of 30 in the series



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