Parental Alienation Began

Written 8/10/19

My heart bleeds on my phone

In the note section

It helps me see my direction

I write to get me right

I’m up late at night

Up early in the morning


A love I thought once was

Looking back

All I see is fuzz

I write so others may learn

As I tell my kids



“Don’t do what I did, do what I learned”

So you too won’t get burned

I yearned



Felt I needed


All the while knowing the feelings he had for me were slim

“I cant’t make up my mind what I want to do with you”


That’s what he told me

I should have thrown him out the door


Stayed for more

He threw me out

Then I weaseled my way back in

Only for him to throw me out again

Then I came back

As a matter of fact

This happened yet again

In the end?

I left him

And vowed to myself to never let anyone treat me that way again


Parental alienation began


1 thought on “Parental Alienation Began

  1. Jolene

    I want it to end. My son was taken by his father at 3, I can’t imagine a positive future for us. Hope it’s gone. Faith is diminishing. And my daughter, who lives with me I thought she would have empathy and compassion, she pushes me away and seems to make my depression worse. I want it all to stop! Thank you for your thoughts. I little light always helps💙💙💙


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