I call her Christmas
She reminds me of when I was eighteen and in what I thought was love, with a narcissist
He was so nice
He was so handsome
He was so sweet
We would drop to his feet
If that is where he would want us to eat
Anything to make him happy
We told the truth
He said it was a lie
Everyday we would cry
Behind closed doors as the relationship evolved he’d speak to us with words of hate
In public, a gentleman
This is how he would manipulate
Neither one of us loved that way, even though he would tell us we were the ones causing all the tears
It was his way of loving
Little did he know he was shoving
Us further and further away
But we chose to stay
A little longer
Until we got stronger
What we didn’t understand then was, the longer we stayed the weaker he made us
Which was why it was so hard for us to leave
One day we both had enough
I walked out the door
So she could be courageous enough to walk too
She never made it
He will no longer be able to control either one of us any longer

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