I was the oldest woman who was on stage last night and the night before and the night before that
I had the shortest hair
I arrived on my own
I love being on that microphone
I had the pleasure of meeting several new people
It felt like home
Being there all alone
I’ve learned to like me
Bout time if you ask me
I believe there are entirely too many people
Living in this world who aren’t doing the things they want to do
Because of worrying about what others think
Be careful not to blink
Because one day you may be on the brink
Of losing it
Or having it all
I choose to stand tall
Even though I sometimes fall
I want to recall
The pleasure I created through my pain
I was going insane
Years of tears
Now I want to hear years of cheers
For me
For who I am
For who I was ment to be
Not remain who I once was
I am not who I will be
I really can’t wait to see
Who I will be
Laughter is best
It helps you be less stressed
Tears are important
To figure out which is better
You must experience both
This roller coaster ride is no joke
You must smile on what you once had
To get to your glad
You’ll mindfuck yourself to death
And look around and have nothing left



Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

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