He Will Use His Power

God damn he’s a good fuck,
but he brings me no luck
That night in his truck though
God damn he can fuck
I sat on his face and I tell you I am so grateful that I could be in that place
But It didn’t erase
The look on his face
When he’s mad
And then you can see in his face he’s glad
He made me feel that way
Why the fuck would anyone want to make you feel that way?
At one point I thought I should be gay
But that’s not the way that I play
I do wonder
Why there was thunder?
I honestly didn’t know
I would end up sleeping with a man named -uh-oh
He didn’t show
Me the way to go
I have to find it on my own
Now that I’m grown
I don’t have time to be pining
Or wining
Or crying
Or complaining
I need to be campaigning
I didn’t know which way to go
And that my poems would flow
Now I know
This is my time to grow
I admit I kept getting under him
I knew there was no way to get over him
We went to the gym
Only thing I saw there when I went there with him was him
I love that man but let me tell you what I can
And Cannot do anymore
I’ll tell you one thing I can’t let him score
Even if he takes me by the shore
I love the beach
It helped me reach
And I’m telling you man that man he can teach
You how to cum
And to come undone
It took me several different tries to know that I was done
Several times I sat on that man’s face
As much as I try to erase
Knew I could not replace
Question was why would I even consider?
He was put on this earth at this point of my life to help me hinder
I thought of him often
sometimes that included him being in a coffin
I didn’t want that
But I’m telling you I couldn’t help that
Now I can
I’ve proven it to myself that I can
You hear what I’m saying?
You will not be able to move forward if you keep laying
Letting him tap that ass or sit on his face it is never going to replace
The fact that he made you chase
Him over and over and over again
why the hell would you want to put yourself through that again
What point are you trying to prove
Because you couldn’t remove?
Will tell you something right now honey
There are many men you can let taste your honey
You know what you want you’re a grown ass woman
Take your hand and show that man that he can
Pleasure you exactly the way that you need him to
I’m telling you he will help you get through
Every once in a while you need to make a Man blue
Stand in your power
do not ever let him see you cower
He Will use it against you
When that court date comes
he will try to make you cum
And you’ll let him
Because you’re thinking you shouldn’t have left him
He’ll get in your head and he’ll get in your bed the the worst place of the two is that he’s in your head
You lose sleep
While trying to count sheep
What you should be doing is not continuing
He will keep on hindering
While you’re considering
He will fill your head with lies
with all of the tries
And somehow turn it into your cries
You’re worth more than that
That’s a motherfucking fact
Don’t let him see you react
He will use his power


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