I’m not gay
Maybe there was this one time
I can tell why men and women alike want what I have
But you see this bald pussy is not up for grabs
My name ain’t Lucy
But you bet your sweet ass this pussy is juicy
Why is it bald you ask?
Because it helps me feel pretty
And that helps me be witty
I gave myself pleasure through the pain
I was going insane
So I came
I’m quite good at it
In fact
4 times in 3 minutes?
Beat that!
I don’t do it too often in the morning
Because of all the moaning
I don’t want to wake anyone up
So I fill my mother fuckin coffee cup
You see at this point of my life I’m grateful
Ain’t got no time to be hateful
Now I’m going to school you
Pay attention
1st you lick the tip of your middle finger
And place that mother fucker right on your clit
If you don’t know where it’s at
you better read up on that
Feel your lips as you move your hips
And if you have a dick to dip
Be sure to keep rubbing your clit
Bald is always better
This way when your pussy gets wetter
you’ll feel better
Don’t wait for him or her in order to explore
Give yourself more
Love you more
I known the chore that comes with waiting
due to them hating
My pussy needs to be multiplicationg
Are you sick of the lying?
To yourself more than him
And not because he slept with Jim
I know you liked to suck on his rim
But you cannot let him in
I know he feels good in your pussy
But when he leaves your bed he is stuck in your head
You keep repeating the same cycle
Guess what?
You’ll never have that motorcycle
Your different
He doesn’t like that
But I tell you what
There are plenty of men who will like that
You have to love yourself 1st
In order to quench your thirst
I’m telling you
make that pussy burst



Holly Dresson not Holly DressOFF

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