They Didn’t Stay

Don’t take it personal.

They love you.
Of course they do you’re their mother.
They know how amazing you are.
If they choose to stay at their friends house, at their fathers house, don’t take it personal when they don’t come to your place.
We mindfuck enough as it is already.
Give yourself a break.
Give them a break.
Life isn’t always easy.
Hell sometimes life is down right awful.

No one knows what your going through. Even if you tell people they still won’t understand it from your point of view because they are on the outside looking in.

Maybe that what’s we are supposed to. Take a moment to pause, go inward and reflect on why it is we are where we are and then move forward to where it is we’d like to go. Because we all know where we been isn’t the way we are going.

When you see a mom in your neighborhood who has a beautiful home with a two car garage, 4 children, two nice cars and an RV does not mean she has all of her shit together. When you see her pushing her baby stroller down the street while she is running with a big smile on her face she may be hiding that her husband is an alcoholic and that he’s verbally abusive to her and her children and she sleeps alone every night so she puts the biggest brightest a smile on to hide the pain.

What we really should be wondering is why we are paying so much attention to what is going on with her, we should be paying attention to what is going on with ourselves.

Be grateful you are no longer in a marriage where you aren’t appreciated and accepted for who you are.

Your kids love you, you know you love them. They didn’t stay at your place. Give them their space, so they can find their place. Remember the woman that you see running through your neighborhood, her kids? Their dealing with the pain too.


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