I did it
I sent them a text or a PM, which was sufficient as far as I am concerned. I had to put it out into the universe for a variety of reasons.
I thanked my ex and my soon to be ex for giving me my precious babies.
This Thanksgiving weekend I was able to spend some much needed quality time with my oldest who is 19.
This was a 1st for the both of us as this was our 1st Thanksgiving without all 4 of them together.
Was it the right thing to do?
Was it the wrong thing to do?
I believe it was right for me.
Isn’t that why we do things?

Doing what’s right for you?
Without either one of them I would not have any of my children.
Believe me it took everything I had in me to do this simple yet important task.
I am always looking to create a new path, a new way of doing things if you will.
Maybe this will be a new tradition along with walking/running on Thanksgiving day 🤔
Only time will tell.
We live life forward, understand it backwards.
Trusting the process 🙏🏻❤️


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