Egg Shells

Are you being someone you aren’t for someone else?
Keeping your voice quite when you know you want to say something?
Walking on eggshells?
Keeping the peace?
While all the while you just want to release?
What’s inside of you?
Tired of holding your tongue?
Looking back on how you were once young and full of fun?
Now your life has gotten repetitive?
And you feel as if you need a sedative?
Who is keeping you motivated?
Who is helping you be meditative?
Who is helping you pause?
Who is helping you Reflect?
Who is helping you move forward?
Are you surrounding yourself with negative?
Are you surrounding yourself with alcohol?
Are you surrounding yourself with people who have told the same story over and over again expecting a different result?
Feel like your going insane in the membrane?
I was there
All of it
Every single question I’ve asked you
Who is helping you pull through all of that?
Aren’t you getting tired of that?
In fact,
I believe you need to react!
Stop waiting for things to change
Go out there and do something
It’s ok if you aren’t wearing your ring
All it is is bling
And a promise that wasn’t held.
If you don’t let that shit go it will kill you inside and show on the outside.
The tears, the fears, the concern, the burn, the heartache that turned into a tsunami
Oh how I wish I had my mommy
For her to tell me I understand you
Because the whole world seemed like it was against me
I found me
In an investment property I invested in 15 years ago
How was I to ever know?
That that place would help me grow.
My flower was blooming
And they were all tuning
Into see what I would do next
I like that
I don’t like to be predictable
It certainly keeps things interesting
Never a dull moment I have had
To get to my glad
I now spend time with my dad
He needs me
He sees me
He loves me
For who I was
Who I am
And whom I will be
He believes in me
And most importantly I believe me
When you do that
You are free….



Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

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