I’m So Strong


I’m so strong!
How could they do something so wrong?
I’ll never understand!
Why one of them didn’t take a stand?
The questions I have no matter what the answer is I’ll never get it.
I’ve come to that conclusion.
Because the theory?
Will remain a mystery to the kind hearted.
The lights that shine even though they are crying inside.
The mindfucking, the crying, the loss of appetite or too much of one.
It eventually stops.
You grow past it and may have even blasted it.
You’ll help someone else along your way.
And tell everyone to make it a great day!
Because some of my past sucks,
And I’ll admit a time or two I had to get unstuck.
I kept telling myself I must keep moving forward to the next,
Because that is how I will receive the big checks.
Ups, and downs and all around you’ll search.
Be careful though because what you seek it is seeking you.
Seek love not hatred.
Seek happiness not sadness.
What you feel is what you will attract.
That is a matter of fact.
Don’t delay, we are on borrowed time and this is your time to shine!
Then it won’t matter where you dine!
Believe with all your heart that everything will turn out just fine!


Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

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