At this point of your life can you decipher between needs and wants?
I found myself answering a question the other day that was simply asked “Do you want something? Since you don’t want chocolate?”
My response “I have everything I need” followed by “I can’t remember the last time I said that ….”

-I have my health which as I have learned is my wealth
-I created a safe environment in which to live in.
-Surround myself with people in my life who like me for who I was, who I am, and whom I will be.
-I have 4 healthy and amazing kids
-My daddy close by
-My dog
-And my dreams

The separation has certainly helped me evaluate my life. What I want and what I need have become clearer. The time away has certainly helped me find my way. I enjoy my own company. I stand up for myself now more than I ever have. I am grateful for this phase of my life. I have become calmer and more at peace not only with myself but with life in general and whatever obstacle comes my way.

Are you considering divorce? A separation? I’d like to suggest something to you. Have a conversation with yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself “Am I happy?” Then pause a moment. You may need more than a moment because this is a very real question that I believe most have a hard time answering. Reflect on why it is your asking yourself this question to begin with at this point of your marriage. Now move forward to where you want to be and whatever that looks like to you.

You matter, your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings. They all matter. It is up to you to create your own happiness. Not wait for your significant other to make you happy. Happiness comes from within.

I believe ones needs and wants are a matter of balance. And knowing your needs and wants from yesterday may be different from today’s. You aren’t the same person you were yesterday. And if you are? Maybe it’s time you grow.

Happy Valentines Day





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