I hate feeling low
In those times
I want to know which way to go
When will I know?
A mystery to me
That I’d like to solve
Before I dissolve
I really do want to evolve
To resolve
All my questions
Left unanswered
And my thoughts
I don’t care
Nor do I dare
Ask you what you think
Because you?
You will never know
Just how low I’ve been
While I wear my grin
I burnt my shin
And find me within
Do your best to not dim
Your light
Let it shine bright
Fight harder
And harder
And become smarter
Your gut?
Can tell you what to do when you are in a rut
Don’t fight a war within yourself
Love yourself
And soft
Which ever you need
In your time of need
Take heed
To your thoughts
They are happening for a reason
During this season
And that season
There is a reason
For what’s happening
For what happened
And for what will
Don’t make yourself ill
This is your life
Don’t you think it’s a bout time you get it right?
What your doing hasn’t worked so far
And can only take you so far
Do the work
Your worth it
And you deserve it
Do what you can with your life to try to
Preserve it


Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

1 thought on “Preserve


    I LOVE this and you girl! This is beautiful just like you! Keep up the good work chic! You’re going to be a star soon!


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