My Plan


Feeling pretty good
Knowing I did what I could
To guide and provide
How he was feeling inside
He needs a minute
To be in it
I was his distraction
And I always got a reaction
His eyes when they looked at me
Made me feel like we were meant to be
But you see
I was free
This he could see
I didn’t know
How he was going to show or if he would grow
He was
I could see it
And I knew it hurt
I did my best to help
To help him with what he felt
We had both dealt
With feelings we wish we would have never felt
He made my heart melt
When he said what he said
also what he did in my bed
I was in my head
He was in my head
A distraction?
Oh the satisfaction
But the work that needed to be done
Might make me come undone
Or was it worth the risk?
To try to fix?
No that’s not the word
To help move along
While I listened to that song
Over and over
“God made you for me”
How could that be?
Don’t you see?
I don’t know if I can move forward.
I’m certainly not a coward.
I grew up in Broward.
I need action and my own satisfaction
To create my own reaction
I’m loud and I’m proud
Of where I was and where I am
Who says I need a man?
I just don’t know if I can?
Maybe I should just work on my tan?
And work on my plan


Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

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