It’s Time

Do you have someone in your life that
Tries to chew you up and spit you out and split you in two?
I was where you are
And I’m telling you.
You will not go far,
If you decide to listen to that bullshit any longer.
You are so much stronger.
And so much better.
Why don’t you go and let another man make you wetter?
We all know and if you don’t know.
You can get over one man by getting under another.
And if you’re not interested in having sex there are plenty of men believe it or not that will appreciate the fine pussy that you’d be putting in his mouth.
Tell him that the only way that he is going to be able to get inside of you is if he shows you how talented he is with his tongue.
First, you must kiss him with tongue.
So he can show you how you might cum.
If he isn’t talented with his tongue tell him to go practice or study how to do it.
So when you allow him to get down to it,
He will help you through it.
Where do you find such man you ask?
At the bar while your drinking water out of a wine glass.
Don’t forget to get up at some point while your there and walk away from him so you can show him your ass.
I know, I know, you may be thinking I’m moving too fast.
This is your chance to be free at last.
Second, you must cast.
To see who you will allow to tap that ass.
If you continue looking for the same type of man that you’ve had in your past.
I’m telling you, you will never get past.
He isn’t quite what you expected.
He will appreciate where you’ve been neglected.
Lastly, after you’ve done your inspection,
now is the time to show him direction.
You know you need affection,
And a little help with penetration.
Don’t be too picky.
You know you want to feel sticky.
Please take my advice or suggestion how ever you want this reflection.
When you climax.
You don’t need to know all the facts.
Just fucking relax.
Allow yourself a chance to breathe.
This can all happen if you just believe.
When he goes to wash his dick in the sink, Make sure you don’t blink.
It will cause you to think.
Right when you are on the brink….


Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

1 thought on “It’s Time

  1. April

    So awesome!! Break your typical male pattern imprint if you will! Totally agree! ! They are douche bags and will continue the painful pattern of using you and letting you down! Such an amazing blog Holly!


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