4C7B215A-579E-4737-852E-0BD0522658D8If you are divorced, separated, going through a divorce or on the receiving end of parental alienation this is possible. How do I know this?
Because I have done it 🙌🏻❤️✅🦋🔥

As I mentioned in yesterday’s video, which is the previous post, I will be sharing more motivational poetry on video for 30 consecutive days, but I’ll be doing the remaining poems in my FREE private Facebook group. 29 more days to go 💁🏻‍♀️

If you are interested in moving forward from whatever it is that seems to be holding you back from living your best life, click on the link in the comment section and be sure to answer all questions.

Together we are better.
You are not alone.

P.S. I do not judge those that use the above mentioned items as coping skills as we are on all on different journeys.

P.S.S. Yes males and females are welcome in the group

Make today great and remember to #PauseReflectMoveForward

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