I Didn’t Sink


I don’t ever want her or him to understand.
That means if she/he does.
They’ve gone through it.
Even though they could do it.
I raised them to be strong and never let. Anyone feel like they didn’t belong.
He was wrong.
So was I.
Even though he never tried my carrot cake.
Only if he knew how much our hearts would break.
If I could take one moment back.
This is a fact.
I would have never turned my back.
To the fact.
I didn’t know numbers.
I knew how to make.
I just didn’t know how to create,
An empire or at least that’s the story I told myself.
Let me put my trophy on that shelf.
To remind me I can.
Even though I ran.
As fast as I could.
Because I knew that I would.
Be strong as hell.
Even though I fell.
Head over heels and inside out,
Filled with so much doubt.
I think I’ll catch a troat,
With those clouds of doubt.
And believe in myself to figure a way out.
To the ocean,
filled with motion.
Waves crashing.
Waters churning.
Shells that could tell,
I’d have quite the story to tell.
Even though I fell.
I knew he could tell.
Though moving forward?
Is harder than one would think.
Right when you are on the brink.
You just might sink,
If you begin to think.
That you can’t or you shouldn’t he felt that you couldn’t.
So you do, and you will be able.
You get thinkskinned,
And strong,
And find out you do belong!
And remind yourself to be strong!


Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

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