How Long After You Separate From Your Spouse Should You Date? 3 Reasons You Should Do What Makes You Happy


No one is going to dictate my happiness
He inspires me
He appreciates me

Is it too soon?
What will they say?
Can I manage everyone’s personality?
I say F.E.A.
What does that mean?
Fuck Em All
Is it too soon?
Look the reality is most of us stayed too long in a bad relationship.
For whatever reason
We mindfuck ourselves
I prayed
Prayed some more
The truth of the matter is no one knows how long a relationship has been over unless you are the one in the relationship.
You have no idea what happens behind closed doors, and if you are wondering maybe you should evaluate your relationship with your significant other.

As I have learned,  our perception of someone is actually a reflection of oneself.

What will they say? 
I was concerned about the kids. I have 4. Ages 19- 10. I didn’t leave them unattended. My oldest and my dad lived with me. They were there if any emergency were to happen.
I was taking care of me.
I had to take care of me to take care of them.
Admittedly in the beginning when I started seeing him I left the house and came home before they woke up.
I didn’t know how to explain to them, and why should I? I am an adult.
I make my own choices and I have always made my own rules.
Can I manage everyone’s personality? 
I had to tell my kids. It was the right thing to do. When the timing was right?
How could it ever be right to learn that your mom had moved on from their dad?
Look, we have one life to live and I finally decided that
I mattered
I was enough 
I needed an orgasam
It had been too long.
My mind, my body, my soul needed to be loved.
I am too young to be loveless and too old for the bullshit.
I’d slept by myself for about 5 years, come to think of it maybe it was 10.
I am a human being.
I needed to start being.
I spent too much time crying.
Too much time alone.
Too much time  mindfucking myself.
Life is entirely too short for that.
Your greatest life work comes after your last mistake.
Whether it is a relationship, a job, or not taking care of yourself.
Whatever your last mistake looks like to you.
Only you can answer that question.
Have you even asked yourself?
Why? Or why not?
Are you ready to make a decision today to be better for yourself tomorrow?
Holly DressON not Holly DressOFF


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