Oh the thrills of dating someone new.
Getting to know them.
Their likes and dislikes.
Thier bad habits.
Their stories
But oh how I do love having my own time.
To do what I want.
When I want.
Where I want and with whom I want or don’t want.
I started dating myself.
I am so much fun.
I love my laugh.
I love how I can literally talk to anyone.
I love taking myself to the beach.
I love taking myself on a run.
I love taking myself to yoga.
I love taking myself to play pool.
I love taking myself out to dinner.
I love taking myself to get together with women every two weeks sometimes even every week to talk about our ideas of the future.
The interesting thing about you dating yourself, you start to realize that if you don’t like the person that’s taking you out on all those dates, how is anyone else supposed to?

Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF

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