The marriage is gone.
It was time to move on.
The memories remain.
And somehow I’ve managed to stay sane.
The nasty texts fade.
The marriage became mundane.
No matter what I tried I couldn’t make it work.
So I decided to work on my twerk.
I found my light which had been dimmed.
I’ve always been comfortably not fitting in.
I didn’t join a gym.
I found it within.
I’m grateful for the journey.
When I turned 40,
I started to shine and stopped drinking wine.
41 I was a bit disheveled.
I needed more balance.
So I searched within and grew.
Then I flew.
Out the door.
Ready to explore.
My hopes!
My dreams!
My spirit guides!
My faith!
At 42,
Be sure to continue to watch my brew!!!!

Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF


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