An Easter Miracle

An Easter Miracle

I went to see my daddy in the hospital as he had been admitted to the ICU for various reasons.

It was early when I arrived about 5am on Easter morning. I had gotten dressed for church not knowing which service I would attend, but wanted to be ready so I would be have to go back home to get ready. I always wanted to be prepared once I became a mom. I’ve been a mom now for 21 years.

Through the years I’ve learned life happens and even if your prepared, life has a way of sneaking up on you.

Life happens we adjust or at least we try to and need to, but somehow find a way to avoid things until they fester and then have no choice but to deal with them.

It’s what my daddy was doing in the hospital that day. Life was happening so we were adjusting to the fact he is getting older and life had certainly caught up with him. His years of alcohol abuse, years of smoking 60 to be exact. He was 80 this Easter morning.

I’ve thought to myself, he had outlived his brother, sister, 2 of his sons, as well as his wife, which was my mommy. I’m hoping one day to be like him at the ripe young age of 80. Having a sense of humor, enjoy talking to people, and still willing to learn, but in my own way like him.

We all have different learning styles, auditory, visual, sometimes those life experiences of learning come into play too. I thank God for those that day.

The dr on duty came into check on my daddy while I was there. I’d say it was about 645am. He was a tall man with no hair, glasses and a great smile that Easter morning. He didn’t seem like the other doctors that had come in to visit before. There was a different energy or vibe about him and we felt it. He asked my dad how he was feeling and with my coaching he told the dr “I’m ready to go home.”

He noticed the rock on my dad’s tray table. The one side of the rock that was facing up said #PauseReflectMoveForward. He said “this is interesting” my dad then said and pointed to me “my daughter made it for me, this is her company” he asked me “you make these?” I said “ yes I have events where people can paint their own message on the rock and either keep or gift it to someone else, isn’t it a great message?”, and pointed to my most recent tattoo which was on my arm and says #PauseReflectMoveForward and he agreed on the message.
The dr then brought up how he has seen people find rocks and post the pictures on Facebook that they found them. He asked if I do that? I told him “no, but people are free to do whatever they want once they purchase.”

Prior to the dr walking in my dad and I were having a conversation about him turning the news off, because all they ever talk about is bad news. I can’t remember the last time I watched the news. I choose not to because I believe people that watch the news are watching to see how other people’s lives are worse than theirs.

I had looked up what the name of the people were who brought gifts on Christmas Day when Jesus was born because of their gift giving. I was lead here which then led me to an article about the magi (the people who brought the gifts) found here

The dr was intrigued by my dads and my conversations. It led to stories of his Jewish faith and hiding matzah wrapped in a towel and hidden after dinner. My dad spoke of Easter many years ago about eggs and how one egg which was hidden on Easter and was found in July and how one of my brothers had taken it out front and smashed it on the ground and recalled the odor that came with it. Both of them chuckled, as did I. The dr engaged in a conversation verse just coming in and checking on my dad.

How often do two different faiths come together to discuss their beliefs and end with a chuckle?

None that I have ever heard. They do happen, but most only report the differences, however there are many similarities. Just different. Isn’t this story newsworthy? I believe it is.

Since the doctor was intrigued by the message I told him that he should have the rock even though I had given it to my dad to remind him of me when I wasn’t in the hospital with him. You see the rock that I made was my first rock painting event and my daddy was in the hospital in January of 2018 when it took place . I gave it to him as a reminder in the hospital at that time for when I was not around he would think of me on the back of the rock it said #PauseReflectMoveForward on the front I drew red hearts on the opposite side, my daddy’s favorite color, representing how much I loved him. I brought it for him this time he was admitted as well.

The dr quickly said “no I couldn’t do that” I told him “yes you should take it, the purpose of love after all is to give it away not keep it to yourself.” My dad said right after “I was just going to suggest that” The dr said “I’ll pay you for it, what do you charge” “I only charge $3 for the rocks, but the message that goes on it that people can relate to is priceless.” I insisted on him not paying and to simply take it as a gift. “He said I’ll give you the money so you can gift one to someone else.”

I didn’t see the rock on the table where it lied and asked “where did it go” it wasn’t in his hand. He said “I put it in my pocket already” as he reached his hand into the right leg of his pants and grasped it.

He left the room and came back in shortly after with an envelope with “a gift inside” he said as he handed it to me. Time passed before I had opened it and inside was $3 and a piece of paper with the name of a book on it called “Care of the Soul” with a hand written message that said “if you haven’t read this book you should… because it had a section on stones”

Not all of us are always learning and growing, it’s up to us to do that work.

I choose to learn and grow and realize that who I was, who I am and whom I will be are all 3 different people. I love who I was at times, I love who I am now and am looking forward to being the woman I am meant to be.


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