Writing Near Daddy


I write differently now


More at peace

I release

The evil thoughts

The bad energy

And only accept the good

I used to let so many things get to me

I’m learning patiently

That the drama

The sleepless nights

Over things that weren’t quite right

The sun shining on his face

The piano music in the background

I’ve finally been found

In myself

Your wealth is your health

Until it fades

Watching the light shine in

On his face

While the oxygen helps him live

He has one

Maybe two weeks left

Me being with him is such a gift

I hope I am able to lift

His spirits

The frown to be a smile

All the while

He is really helping me

Get me

Thank you God for showing me your way

Because it is You at the end of the day

When I look back You are the reason I live and love

Thank you for those 2 turtle doves

They remind me of You


Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF


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