The Boy


The boy

I get to rest with him
He brings me comfort
He brings me peace
When he reaches over
I am within reach
I’d like to think I’m teaching him
I know he’s teaching me
He helps me relax
I believe I do the same
My brain
Tries to make me go insane
I’ve always been the type of woman to make my own lane
I have so much to gain
I have nothing to lose
I choose
To be courageous
My energy has been said to be contagious
Those that hate
Seem to be able to manipulate
I have a freight
Of energy
That I must deliver
I’ve been known to quiver
I rest at peace
The boy?
As I lie next to him
Helps me release
The stress
The weight of the world
That I tend to carry
I chose to marry
2 men
Who gave me
Amazing children
My gifts from God
I sometimes forget to applaud
As I sigh
I remind myself
I have accomplished so much
I know I’ve yet
To do what’s needed to be done
My life?
Has just begun
At night
I’m now at peace
I’m able to breathe
Even though
I may have to lie on the crease
My mind is at ease
I’m grateful
I get to lie next to
The boy

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