Stop Pointing Your Finger at Everyone Else and Take Self Responsibility to be Able to Evolve Tomorrow

No matter what role you play in life, it is your responsibility to get you right so you can share the wisdom you’ve gained in life with others. 

One of the things my mom told me over the years prior to passing at sixty-four until I was thirty years old, “You are the reason I am so fat.”

Those eight words repeated in my head over and over through the years and I can still hear her voice saying them if I listen close enough. I too am a work in progress. 

My mom was the only obese person in our family, out of her friends and in our neighborhood we lived in while I was growing up.

I recall strangers picking on her and calling her names, including my father. 

I’d speak up for her and say “Stop calling my mommy that!” or “Stop talking like that to my mommy!”  because she never learned how to speak up for herself. 

To this day I speak up and stand up for people who are unable. 

There was a period of my adult life I too stopped sticking up for myself, because I was raised not to. Not standing up for myself is what I learned subconsciously

By my mother not standing up for herself she taught me about self love, mental wellness and to speak my truth even I if my voice shakes and even if I stand alone.   

Sadly my mother never learned to stand up for herself in her lifetime, she left that responsibility for me to learn to pass on to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We learn by example, not by being told what to do.  Especially if the person telling us isn’t leading by example themselves. 

I decided to consciously unlearn what I’d been taught and teach my children to do the same by standing up for myself so they too could learn by example. 

These days I speak for those who can’t as I’ve always done and I speak up for myself. 

While my future may remain a mystery, I’m happy to say I’ve learned from my past. 

“You’ve been assigned this mountain to show others it can be climbed” ~ author unknown. 

We can no longer blame our past and current day trauma(s) on the previous generations. 

Continuing to blame others for your current situation takes away your own responsibility of self.

If something happened in your past it is your responsibility to do what you can in our own life to make life better not just for yourself, but the next generation. 

We must continue, to help the next generation unlearn generational toxic traits by doing our own self evaluations and do the necessary personal growth work to keep evolving as a successful society. 

We become what we watch, what we listen to, what we feed our bodies and whom we surround ourselves with.

If you feel you are not progressing in life the way you think you should be at this point of your life, look at the environments you are choosing to put yourself in and ask yourself “Am I living in a healthy environment to evolve into the best version of myself for myself and the next generation?” 

You are in control of you, whether you believe you are or not. 

Stop pointing your finger at everyone else and take self responsibility to be able to evolve tomorrow. 

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