Rainbows exist
To remind us
To be patient through a storm
Storms don’t last forever
While in the midst of one?
It can feel that way
Focus on the positive
Do your best to stay away from the negative
Everything is relative
If you look close enough
Life is trying to teach you
Most people can only see the bad
Which is why they end up sad
Maybe even hateful
I suggest
Being grateful
Lessons in life
Will repeat
Over and over
Until one day
We finally learn
Allow the fire in your soul to burn
As you are yearning
You’ll also be learning
To focus on the good
And not the bad
To get to your glad
When you take the time to look around
Isn’t that bad
Only you know what will make you happy
Learn patience
And I promise you
You will find what you are looking for
Your rainbow?
Will appear
Once you?
Let go of all of your fear

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