Did you give yourself enough time to rest?
Be still?
Even sleep?
Or is your life so “busy” you are unable to?
We have so many responsibilities
We don’t take enough time to take care of ourselves.
As we age
Many lock themselves in a cage
This happens at a different stage
Whether you become
A parent?
Start to parent your parent?
Stress at work?
Stress on your marriage?
Preventable stress?
Most of our worries or stress are made up scenarios in our heads
What we think will happen
What we think won’t happen
If we don’t do this
We don’t so that
Our minds tend to put us in combat
The past doesn’t exist anymore
In fact,
Neither does the future
All we have is
Right now
This very moment
Is in you
Peel back your layers
Let go of your worries
Stop being in such a hurry
Other people burdens are not meant for you to carry
Your peace is so very
So you can continue to carry
YourSELF to the next day
Remember to play
So at the end of your day
You can finally say
I have achieved

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