Parents Who Experience Parental Alienation

The father of your children or the mother of your children may have said some things about you that aren’t true during the transition phase of your family living together to your family not living together. 

Break ups are especially challenging for children. 

  • Children don’t understand why their parents aren’t getting along. 
  • Children don’t listen to what you say, but they will watch what you do. This is how they learn. 
  • Children are being taught to hate their own parents and encouraged to idolize the alienator by the alienator and quite possibly their family. 

You stayed longer than you should have for the sake of your family, however someone needs to be the mature adult and leave for the sake of the entire family.

When either one of the parents have the courage to leave a toxic relationship it may leave some family members feeling as if they were abandoned.

Even though that may not have been your intention, it is what could be perceived, especially if your children and other family members have been deceived. 

Fighting for your children in court and requesting 50/50 custody not only for the parents, but for your children to a complete stranger i.e. (judge) comes with many challenges. 

You may not have access to family funds such as bank accounts, pension funds, or even the 401k. So you make do with what you have and work on creating more for yourself while doing your best to control your emotions and your family’s emotions the best you can from where you are. 

The most unheard epidemic is parental alienation. You mourn the loss of a child that is still alive and it kills you inside, if you let it.

Parental alienation keeps you from seeing your children, not receiving FaceTime calls, no calls, no texts, no emails, no social media connection, no snail mail, and quite possibly not knowing where the children are currently living or which school they are registered in. 

Educate yourself before you leave, so if this ever happens to you, you won’t be deceived. 

Pause Reflect Move Forward

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