Never Eat Sour Wheat


Or maybe you learned the direction North, East, South, and West by saying “Never Eat Soggy Waffles”
Either way
You are always moving in some direction
What you may think is the right direction may end up being wrong
And what you might think is the wrong way, turns out to be the right way
It is important we find our way
No matter what direction we go
We must learn to go with the flow
We don’t know
Unless we try
It will help us get by
You were born to fly
Not to
Just get by
We create our own happiness
We aren’t supposed to wait for others to show us what that looks like
Give happiness a chance
But always move forward
Your hopes
Your dreams
I know sometimes it seems
They are out of reach
We must learn
So we can teach
Visit the beach
Or stream
Remember your dream
And reach
Scratch your way there
Show yourself
You care
To do the impossible
Anything is possible
Choose a direction
That shows action
To receive

25 of 30 in the series



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