I Write


I write
To get things right
When things seem wrong
I sometimes feel as if I don’t belong
It is almost like
I’m waiting for a gong
I listen to a song
All the words seem right
So I sing along
Then the song seems to get stuck in my head
And I play it
Over and over again
I’ve learned to not press send
The pauses I make are important
It helps me reflect
Before I move forward
It is ok to chose to not move forward
Sometimes I’ve felt like a coward
And that has made me cower
I know it is time to rise up
I see myself
Looking out of a tower
Shouting from that rooftop
Letting everyone know
I am not giving up
I’m doing my best
To live up
To His expectations of me
Sometimes I wonder how much He expects of me
I ask myself “can I really do that?”
He whispers inside me “you can do anything you want”
But inside my brain
I must ask it questions
To decide if
Bipolar wants me to do this?
Or do I want me to do this?
I’ve made some not so very good choices in my life
Boy the lessons I have learned
I’ve had to earn
Due to my lust
I sometimes feel it in my gut
And I’ve wanted to upchuck
I try not to corrupt
Although I have
I know that anything I want
Is up for grabs
Everything I want is within reach
Sometimes I have to stretch
And not have my feeling get
I’ve listed
The pros
And the cons of my life
I’m just trying to get me right
Which is why
I write

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