With gratitude
You can change your attitude
When your day
Is foggy and gray
Remember to pray
Pray for what you have
It will help you see more glad
I know on some days
It may seem as if you are in a haze
Remember to gaze
At the stars
Or even at Mars
If you go to bars
Drinking water out of a wine glass
Instead of trying to get over that pain in the ass
With drugs or alcohol
It is like adding gasoline
To your anxiety or depression
I have a confession
There was a time I didn’t know my own direction
And that is ok
Everything is ok
And it will be
Our thoughts are mostly made up scenarios
Sometimes we need to turn up our stereos
Drown out the thoughts in our head
Before we get into bed
There is always something to be grateful for
Sometimes it may seem
That your breath is all you have
It is important we thank Him for what we have
As well as those prayers He didn’t answer
Remember Rudolph?
He had the bright nose
And everyone picked on him for that
It ended up being
A gift in disguise
When you count your blessings
You positive attitude?
Turn your cries
Into gratefulness
You will get out of what you call a mess
And be less full of stress
But if you don’t pause long enough
To reflect
On where you are
And how far
You have come?
You won’t ever be able to move forward
To your destiny
Get to know your empathy
By having an attitude of gratitude
It will change your mental attitude

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