Express Yourself


Are you different?
Do you speak up when others don’t?
Maybe you’d rather sit with your feelings and hope they go away?
Either way?
It is ok
We are all different
Not one of us are the same
We compare ourselves to others
It is human nature
Don’t get caught up in society
If you do?
You will probably
End up lost
Be careful though
It doesn’t cost
Good mental health
Some of the things that we have been dealt
Are anything less than
I know you know the feeling
Of what its like
To feel that you are not good enough
Times have been tough
I’m reminding you
That you?
Are enough
The naysayers will be there
And I know it’s hard to prevent that you don’t care
About what they say
But at the end of your day
Be thankful
You aren’t them
They have their own demon
Pray for them
Pray for you
I know you can make it through
Stick to
The dreamers
The believers
Follow where they lead
They can offer what you need
So you can receive your own satisfaction
Of making it through life
When at one point or another
It wasn’t quite right
For you
Your dreams
Your hopes
Your desires
Before your life expires
Express yourself

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