Have you changed?
From who you were before?
Then looked around you and wondered why you are where you are?
Change is good
But once you do
You look at who
You are going with life through
And realized
It wasn’t best for you
Or for them
And you are still condemned?
What do you do?
Do you continue to live your life through?
Or take yourself off the menu?
It can feel like you are being eaten alive
To live your life the way
He would want you to
With Him?
You can make it through
Hold onto your faith
It isn’t too late
To be
Who you believe you were meant to be
Wants you to be free
And full of love
Not hate
Take yourself out on a date
See if you would like you
Where you are right now
And if you do
For loving you
If you don’t?
Be someone you can be
Who you have always wanted to be
But when you do change?
Be prepared to rearrange
Your life
Because strife?
Isn’t worth it
Live your life
You deserve it
Do what’s best for you

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