I stripped myself bare
To see all of me
To be free
2018 I became a feen
I was addicted
To a high
I was struggling trying to get by
I told myself I was grateful
For the opportunity
To have them all together again
And I was
My mind was in a fuzz
I wasn’t thinking right
The pot?
I got caught
In wanting more
I made myself more of a chore
So sober I became
To help me from going insane
I grew where I was planted
Then added different soil
Came the toil
I worked on myself
My family
My writing
Looking back
I was lying to myself
Have you ever done that?
I told myself I was grateful
When in actuality
I was fearful
Knowing nothing that I said
Would be received
When I closed my eyes at night I grieved
If you told me where I’d be right now?
I wouldn’t have believed
I took a chance
I walked away
I chose to no longer pay
I can breathe
And will receive
All my hearts desires
My writing?
I’ll never retire
It is my passion
And brings me satisfaction
But first?
I had to work on subtraction
I knew once I did
The people I cared about the most
Wouldn’t approve of me traveling coast to coast
So for now?
I toast
To the ones that support me
As well as the ones that don’t
Giving up on my dreams I won’t
I am starting all over again
I had to become

16 of 30 in the series


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