50/50 Custody is Possible Post Parental Alienation

The Thanksgiving holiday has always been my favorite holiday and this year I find myself challenged trying to express the gratitude my heart feels for a complete stranger. 

  • Three years ago on Thanksgiving day I didn’t receive a text or a call from my minor children
  • Last Thanksgiving I had approximately two hours with them 
  • Thanksgiving 2020, I have 21 days 

I represented myself in court during this fight and I’m happy to say the judge got it right. 

Parental alienation https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_alienation  is a worldwide epidemic and happens to parents and children globally. 

I’ve spoken to hundreds of different people in the PA community around the world from Ireland, Canada, Australia, Africa, and the United States to name a few and the stories are debilitating to say the least, but I never gave up hope. 

It was the possibility of achieving 50/50 custody that kept me going. 

I share my story to offer hope and to remind parents and children who have been alienated from one another that just because you cannot see your voice it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

I am by no means an expert on parental alienation. 

I am however an expert at being myself and fighting for what I believe is right even if I stand alone and even if my voice shakes. 

In closing I would like to offer one piece of advice, speak what you seek until it is sought. 

Pause Reflect Move Forward 

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