Words Left Unspoken


I had this photo come across my newsfeed last night. I’m friends with him on Facebook with over 250 other friends. I dont believe we have ever met however, I loved this quote and had to share. You can find so much out about a person or so little when the post or don’t post on social media. Some people are on social media to watch or be entertained, to stay in contact with loved ones all across the world, to build relationships, to grow their business, to network, to play games.
Posts like this picture bring on a whole new perception. It was just on his timeline with no words he had personally written, unless these are his words and chose not to claim them. This quote may have affected this him in some way. Maybe it was that he liked the colors, the writing, the amount of letters on the quote. The brick wall may have reminded him of a place where he went with his best friend. Maybe this was mentioned to him as a child. You see we never really know what others are thinking or doing. Why they do the things they do or even why they don’t. I believe I saw this picture at the right time, it was ment for me to see.
In my experience, silence is not golden, while learning yes, sleep yes, rest yes. When families don’t talk, when kids don’t speak, when friends don’t communicate.
I believe if you have something say you should say it, you will learn from it, others will learn from it, it inspires others, it sets an example. So much time is wasted on things that should have been said, thoughts overthought.
Hearts are often hurt by words left unspoken….

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