Why Comfort Zones and Egos are Important Qualities

You want to join a competition and you haven’t competed in years.

Your comfort zone is keeping you stuck as well as your ego. Your subconscious mind reminds you about your comfort zone and your fragile ego. Your conscious mind believes you are ready. 

Neither your comfort zone or your ego want to experience any more losses on your roller coaster ride of life. 

It isn’t your fault and you are not the only one that has challenges navigating out of one’s comfort zone or understanding one’s ego and the limitations that come from the two. 

I had an opportunity in the 1st quarter of 2021 to enter a modeling competition. I hadn’t done any professional modeling in about 25 years, but decided that it was time I lived out of my comfort zone and let my ego go, to grow. 

While I was in this particular competition I chose not to look at the other competitors. I’ve learned through life experience, comparison is the thief of joy. 

I didn’t know who any of the other competitors were personally or what they looked like or how any of them reacted to their loss or their gain throughout the competition. 

My hope is it didn’t affect their mental health or their comfort zone or their egos. 

I didn’t win the competition I entered myself into at the end of 2020, I did come in 3rd place in my group thanks to the people that continued to vote for me daily and through donations.

For the record, I don’t even know how many groups there were to begin with. 

All the competitors had different experiences during that competition. I know this because each and every one of us is different. 

Your comfort zone keeps you comfortable in life. Living outside of your comfort zone you’ll create the experiences you want to have. 

Your ego can hurt you and help you in life. Being confident isn’t egotistical. Being cocky about what you’ve accomplished in life and others haven’t, is egotistical. 

Both your comfort zone and your ego are important qualities to possess. 

Life is about creating the life you want to have. Sure all life experiences aren’t worth having or are they? 

Life’s challenges and adversities teach us who we are once we grow through each individual experience. 

Be yourself and create experiences only you can have and don’t let your comfort zone or your ego dictate your life. 

The competition I entered at the beginning of the year ends on March 11, 2021.

I finally looked at the final four models from the competition I entered myself into this morning. 

As a tattooed mother of four, the pregnant tattooed model named Jessica has my vote and she deserves your vote too. Please click on this link or copy and paste in your browser https://cover.inkedmag.com/2021/jessica-hart

We only get one shot on this roller coaster ride of life, we must make it count. 

Beauty Queen Waving

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