What Is Your Strategy?


I am sooooo loving this word. I particularly like the way it is posted on a street sign, depending upon which way you are looking at it from your phone, computer or tablet, it can be pointing in a few different ways, for example Never Eat Sour Wheat. It was a strategy when I was taught in elementary school to learn North, South, East and West. I have never forgotten it. I use strategy all the time with my kids for example, in order to get them to do the things I want or need them to do I have to strategically align everything in order for it to happen. In business, a step by step process must be followed. Of coarse you don’t always have to do as others do, you can come up with your own strategy and duplicate the process. With this sign it is your choice in which direction YOU choose to go. YOU have to make that decision. Someone can point you in a particular direction, however it is up to you to make the choice. Which direction is this sign pointed at for you?

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