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8E5DD920-013F-4527-A9DC-A8AE3ED119E5In my 30’s one of the business I owned was a residential/commercial green cleaning company. I built it from the ground up from zero customers to 309 customers within a hundred mile radius over a 5 year time period. Wow thinking about it blows my mind. The blood, sweat and tears that went into running it reminds me of all the lessons I learned, the families and other business owners that I connected with during that time. Truly an incredible experience.

Cleaning is just one of the things I am passionate about. More affordable than therapy and you see results which helps with a sense of accomplishment all while maintaining good mental health.

More importantly, the cleaning that took place in my clients homes as well as my own was done toxic free. Parents didn’t have to be concerned with their children playing on the floor and then putting their toys or hands in their mouths and ingesting any chemicals or inhaling for that matter. As well as taking care of their pets. Pets walk on floors and then lick their paws and people wonder why their pets get sick. My commercial clients employees didn’t complain about harsh smells nor did mine.

I live in Florida. Windows in Florida homes aren’t open too often due to the heat. Even in parts of the world where it is snowing people’s windows aren’t generally open because of the cold. Think about the bleach/ Fabulouso or any other toxic product you are using now and how it is staying trapped in your home with no where to go but in your lungs and/or absorbed in your skin.

We’ve been programmed as a society for years to use whatever the ads on the commercials tell us to. Subliminal messaging is part of the reason why I still choose not to watch tv. Even on some appliances (dishwasher) a brand cleaner is recommended. Not just because the manufacturer of the applicants likes that brand, but because the chemical product company paid to be on that appliance.

Admittedly it has been a minute since the top of my kitchen cabinets have been cleaned. This was one of my projects this morning. I used to call this type of cleaning with my clients “high top cleaning”. The type of cleaning that a cleaning company I believe a should be doing for their clients. It’s out of sight, but when you look it’s there and it needs to be cleaned. I believe looking up, down and all around, even sideways is important when it comes to cleaning. I would recommend this type of cleaning every six months for maintenance for my clients and as I’m suggesting this now to you, I am reminding myself to do the same.

If you choose to tackle this project on your own you’ll need :

– step ladder
– gloves
– Sol-U-Mel spray
– scrub brush, which I recommend disposing afterwards due to grease and grime on the bottom of the bristles
– a few old rags to clean up the residue, which I also recommend disposing of afterwards

I recommend using these type of products for yourself, your family, pets and employees safety if you choose to use this for your cleaning company.

Another great thing about using these products in your home is the affordability factor. Toxic free, affordable and available online for delivery? Sign me up.

Interested in knowing where to purchase these types of products online and becoming a preferred customer to over 400 different household products? I am happy to point you in the right direction.

Are you ready to live in a toxic free home?


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